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--- Pls hover over above links , we are going to make all links working in the first weeks.

              Welcome to   Mic-Etap Website
  Pls find enclosed overview.
  We are pure  GREEN company.
 *  Mic stays for mechanical, electric and electronic developments.
 *  Etap is active in building and moving .
  For any information, pls contact us by email , or phone
Pls find on our intro some of our realisations.
We are reworking our websites , (due to hacking) , where as all new information will
be available before end of April 2019 .
You can find many information already on above links.

    On the links above, you will find all relevant information , concerning our
                   Our  Green Offices;

                  atlantis office
   We supplied all Generators, on all wagons, between paris - moscow ;